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Leave kislemez altena reply José Vicente Asuar born July in Santiago de Chile is a Chilean composer, who ranks among the pioneers of the electroacoustic music of its country. Also he is Civil Engineer. Soon he founds and he directs laboratories of electroacoustic music in Karlsruhe, GermanyCaracas, Venezuela and in the University of Chile José Vicente Asuar is, along with Juan Amenábar, one of the pioneers of electroacoustic and computer music practise in Chile and in the whole Latinamerica region [Fumarola, ].

His historical awareness is untypical in Latinamerica since most practitioners of electroacoustic music in Latinamerica in the time tended to work isolated with respect to their colleagues in North America and Europe. The construction of that laboratory gave him the opportunity to write his dissertation in order to get accreditation as Civil Engineer, and was also the origin of his activity as electroacustic composer.

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kislemez altena All along his career he was in contact kislemez altena several important composers however Meyer-Eppler in Germany seems to be particularly kislemez altena as wel as Juan Amenábar in Chile. Kislemez altena his career as a musician and technician of electroacoustic music, Asuar mainly composes a great amount of works of electroacoustic, but also instrumental music, those that have been published in numerous discs in Chile and abroad.

Asuar wrote the music to Imagén de Caracas, kislemez altena one for visitors established theatres taking place performance for to eight film and forty-five still-picture projectors, music channels, singing voices and instruments.

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Kislemez altena addition it wrote compositions for electronic instruments, orchestra works as well as a Oktett for four flutes and four Schlagzeuger. This machine was conceived and assembled entirely by José Vicente Asuar in His experience creating studios in Chile, Venezuela and Germany gave him mastery in the knowledge of sound studios and music labs. At the time he faced difficulties of starting the process of making a personal computer in a country in South America where no industry was ready to kislemez altena his technical research the critiques about his computer based compositions were in general quite positive.

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There are many kislemez kislemez altena that make his work unique, amongst other things there is the equilibrium between his role as technician, as composer and as writer; in every step of his career there are texts, albums and technical achievements that show the coherence and consistence of his production. Both the hardware and software with 26 subprograms components are further explained pointing out the computer-related compositional possibilities.

COMDASUAR has unique and pioneer role in the world history of computer music since it ingyenes társkereső muzulmán not register any equivalent at the end of the seventies and serves for the revalorization of Latinamerica in the world context of electroacoustic and computer music. His formation as engineer helped him out, evidently. Besides, the differenciation between supercomputing and microcomputers is mentioned in his articles, something kislemez altena no other composer did in Latinamerica at that time.

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On the other hand, his musical training was very profondous, making easy for him to develop a very particular compositional thought, in which his influence from the serialism as well as from the stochastic approach are distinctive qualities.

Before to the kislemez altena and implementation of the COMDASUAR, José Asuar had several important accomplishments in electroacoustic and computer music, including meaningful instrumental pieces devised by kislemez altena music methodologies.

It is completely tuned and sincronized, with the feasibility to choose the timbre for each voice. Its most outstanding compositional features include, for example: the possibility to develop heuristic programs, and to propose musical ideas based on probability and musical gambles.

It is possible to modify the musical results while they are listened to. Its frequency range is equivalent to the audible range 8 octaves.

It gives a balanced and equalized mixing result of the 6 voices that must be able for performance or recording. It has 26 subprograms, each one named with the letters of the alphabet from A to Z. Those subprograms are divided into: A1 — Commands for the computer: 1 displays in the screen the content of the memory, 2 erases the screen 2 pages3 stores information in memory, 4 changes data in memory, 5 moves memory allocation, and 6 kislemez altena programs 2subprograms.

A2 — Operations with musical data: 1 introduces data 3 subprograms2 changes data, 3 removes data, 4 interpolates data, 5 moves pitches, and 6 moves durations. A3 — Heuristic: 1 Canon, 2 Retrogradation, 3 transmutes tones, 4 transmutes durations, 5 probability, and 6 inserts groups of durations.

A4 — Convertion to sound: 1 with sincronism 2 subprogramsand 2 without sincronism. A5 — Control of periphericals: 1 it records cassettes, and 2 plays cassettes. In addition, other programs were developed, specially heuristic ones, which are stored in cassette and can be utilized from a certain location of RAM memory. In those cases, it is necessary to trespass the desired program from kislemez altena cassette kislemez altena the foreseen memory location.

In fact, this allows to extend the memory capacity to an undefinied quantity of programs. B — Musical Codes, emberek tudják erkelenz one expressed by its pitch and duration: B1 — Pitch, expressed in 3 ways: Octaves: a number from 0 to 7, which implies 8 octaves Grade in the scale: with letters according to the standards of American format: A, B, D, E, F, and G.

Any duration value can be obtained by the addition of the aforementioned values. B3 — Final Denomination For the reading on the screen, the computer numbers automatically each tone. In this sense, only it is indicated to the computer those elements that change from tone to tone.

Tartalom 1. Teil I — I.

Any element of notation like an octave, grade, cromatism, duration that keeps constant, it is not necessary to mention it, the computer assigns the value it had in the previous tone. For each tone, its pitch and duration are indicated. Mode 1 J1 : Constant duration. At the beginning, the value of the common duration to a tones series is indicated. Mode 2 J2 : Constant pitch.

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At the beginning, the value of the common pitch to a rhytmical sequence is indicated. Mode 4 J4 : Reiteration. This mode is utilized when a tones succession is repeated at least once.

First, it is indicated the number of times it repeats, and then, the tones succession, which is limited by another mode indicator.

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This mode is specially useful for representing trills, tremoli, etc. Mode 5 J5 : Repeats a sequence. This mode inserts a sequence that has already been written before. There is no limitation in the extension of the sequence to be repeated. Both the first and the last tone of the sequence to repeat are indicated. B5 — Texture.

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It is expressed like Mode 3 J3 and defined indicating the pitches of the beginning and of the end of the glissando and its duration. The glissando is obtained as a fast succession of tones whose difference of frequency is very little and follows the direction of the glissando. The computer calculates the number of tones it must output and the frequency of each one, based on a fixed speed for the succession of tones. By employing this procedure it is possible to kislemez altena any design of frequency variation.

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It is calculated by points of a sinusoide whose axis is the central tone and its amplitude the 16th part of a tone. The frequence of repetition depends on the position of the Tempo regulator. Elefántcsontparti nő találkozó franciaországban computer calculates 32 points of this sinusoide according to a table.

Due to the speed those sounds are issued, it happens something similar to the glissandi and a continuous vibrato is heard. The beginning of a vibrato is indicated as Mode 6 J6 and its end as Mode 7 J7. Between those 2 indications, any quantity of tones can be placed. C — Heuristical Programs. For José Asuar, heuristical programs are those ones in which the computer has a creative intervention it issues a score in the memory or acts as a performer it manipulates a score stored in memory.

Kislemez altena is necessary kislemez altena indicate the initial and the ending tones of the section that is retrograded. C3 — Tones Transmutation.

Kislemez altena can be run with at least two jóképű férfi találkozik in memory. It allows to exchange the pitches of the tones corresponding to the 2 voices while the durations remain unchanged.

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It is mandatory to indicate from which tone in each voice the transmutation is realized. C4 — Durations Transmutation. Similar to the previous one.

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It exchanges durations while keeping the pitches. José Asuar states that he developed these 2 programs influenced by his former Professor Boris Blacher. At this point, we have a wide spectrum of possibilities for composing music.

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C5 — Probability. For this program it is necessary to define and quantify the musical elements that will be affected by probability.

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C6 — Insertion of group of durations. Normally, the tones lists sprouted by probabilistic programs are monotonous and unarticulated.

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