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SAP on Azure: Knowing and Using the Advantages with Microsoft 4 min read Do you want to meet constantly growing business requirements with targeted data availability and the highest level of information security while keeping your IT costs under control?

With your SAP business software in the cloud, you can manage shorter release cycles and growing performance requirements.

By adapting new software versions more quickly, you gain access to the targeted networking of your enterprise applications on modern workplaces and with intelligent end devices and sensors for increasingly powerful business processes. Read on for more details about moving your SAP to the cloud.

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  2. Figyelje meg a következő kifejezéseket és azok jelentését: IaaS: Szolgáltatásként nyújt infrastruktúrát.

By moving your SAP environment to the cloud, you gain sap know to flexible resources, data connections and remote management with defined service levels. A cloud solution provider reliably supplements infrastructure resources to application workloads sap know to your business needs.

A logisztikai koncepciótól függően különböző megoldásokat kínálunk elképzelése megvalósításához és a projekt sikeres lebonyolításához. A logisztikai szoftvernek nagy teljesítményt kell nyújtania, méghozzá non-stop.

On a cloud-computing platform, the execution of SAP applications can be more agile, cost-effective and secure than in an on-premises landscape in your own responsibility.

If required, additional instances are provided at short notice, compared to days or even weeks with a local infrastructure.

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In an ideal combination, a Managed Service provider serves you with an optimum of performance, data throughput and system availability for your business-critical processes. With a strategic partner, companies prepare for future technologies in the long term and do not risk unplanned costs or insufficient service capacities for their business.

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With Azure, companies can make their SAP applications significantly more flexible, scalable and intelligent. Finally, Identity and Access Management with Azure Active Directory and Microsoft enables secure cloud operation and integration with Sap know applications simplifies data entry and research for comprehensive business processes.

Using New Technologies The common SAP technologies are similarly found at Microsoft and can be used in addition according to your sap know requirements.

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This service enables companies to create greater clouds, collecting more data for their business operations. By including Azure Artificial Intelligence AI and Analytics, enterprises can make better business decisions without high pre-investments. And finally, Microsoft Power Platform allows even more Business Intelligence, customization and automation.

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Particularly when deploying SAP applications, the Azure Cloud has the advantage of providing the necessary resources in an agile manner. Together with a Managed Services Provider, you coordinate your individual requirements and optimization potential, based on: Right-sizing: Virtual Machines VMsNetwork bandwidth and Storage capacity is initially calculated exactly and varied as needed.

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Tight-sizing: Cyclical adjustment of capacities to foreseeable peaks in demand for example, at the end of a quarter or year. Snoozing: Temporarily used systems such as development and test environments can go into stand-by mode and are only booted when required. Data Archiving: Less used data is moved from high performance storage to less expensive storage.

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This requires a precise pre-analysis of sap know and download dependencies.

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