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Top view of B fragrance bottle. If you are inside No. Here craftsmen have been skillfully setting rare gems into precious metal for more than years.

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Frederic Boucheron purchased the classic Parisian structure in to house his showroom, offices, and workshop all under the same roof. He was the first luxury purveyor on the Place Vendome, and as the years went by, practically all of his competitors would follow suit.

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Now the square, where Boucheron is still located, is one of the most prestigious jewelry centers in all of Europe. Inthe Maharajah of Patiala, India, commissioned Boucheron to keresés nő vendome pieces of jewelry for himself and his many wives.

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He brought to Paris keresés nő vendome trunks of pearls and other precious stones, and told the house he wanted the pieces finished in three months.

From left: 26 Place Vendome, ; Craftman at Atelier Boucheron Workshop; 26 Place Vendome, Today, Boucheron has an arsenal of highly specialized craftsmen, who pass down their skills from one generation to another.

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One elaborate item can take up to 10 months to make from its conception. Hollywood royalty such as Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, and Rachel Weisz, as well as many jet-setting customers, have been adorned with Boucheron jewelry.

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In celebration of its th anniversary, the House of Boucheron has launched keresek skót man exquisite new fragrance called B de Boucheron. Inspired by the Exquises Confidences jewelry collection, B's flacon is executed with the same perfection as Boucheron's jewelry, incorporating the trademarked design known as the plisse pleats cut.

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Only a cabochon emerald-green stone and the engraved letter "B" decorate the bottle's cap, in keeping with the brand's discreet design sensibility. Left, B. The perfume itself, which is keresés nő vendome with high-quality materials from around the world, is just as elegant as the bottle.

Cedar from the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Australian sandalwood, and patchouli form the base notes, while the middle notes are drawn from a subtle, apricot-scented Osamanthus flower.

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Absolutes of orange blossom and rose linger at the top. It is a feminine, woody, floral scent made for a younger, sophisticated woman. The fragrance was composed very much like a piece of jewelry.

B Is for Boucheron

Rather than the traditional top, middle, and base notes, Keresés nő vendome de Boucheron was created as an inverted pyramid. The base notes came first, like the structure of the necklace; the middle notes were used like larger stones, followed by the top notes to add sparkle and radiance like small diamonds," explained Jean-Christophe Bedos, Boucheron's president. It is in fact for the lady who wears it like a real piece of jewelry signed by the jeweler of sensual desire,' Boucheron.

In addition to the fragrance, Boucheron has just launched an e-commerce site, boucheron. So if you can't make the trip to the Place Vendome, the House of Boucheron can now come to you.

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