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It is a follow-up of an older project and foresees two Youth Exchanges, in Portalegre, Portugal and in Athens, Greece respectively. The project involves 10 organisations from 10 Partner countries Portugal, Greece, Spain, Belgium, France, Romania, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Slovakiaparticipants altogether, each partner selecting 2 teams of 5 members, and the target groups being youngsters from urban, rural and other disadvantaged areas, as underdeveloped suburbs, and professional actors with various backgrounds, experience and knowledge.

The 2 youth exchanges will follow similar methodology based on the use and study of classical ancient drama as a tool for identification of problems and discovering space for solidarity and reflection on contemporary European problems.

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All the activities will be based on the principles of non-formal learning and will contribute in reaching the objectives of each youth exchange and the overall objectives of the project in a participatory and creative way.

The daily programme of the 2 Youth Exchanges envisages learning outcomes based on the 8 Key competences and on three complementary levels: 1 new knowledge, 2 development of soft and transversal skills, as problem solving, creative thinking and communication; and 3 adoption of cooperative and participatory ismerkedés christian partner csere.

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The 10 participating organisations will benefit from the enhanced cooperation within the partnership. As the ANTYGONE partnership comes from 10 different countries across Europe, we aspire to create an impact on all levels, local, European and further, either by the coordinator of the project, by the partners or the partnership.

The active exchange of practices in the field of youth work by all partners can produce an impact through the strengthening of the international dimension of youth work and elevating it into a more structured European practice.

In line and in addition to the said above, all promotion materials either in soft or hard copy will bear the EU emblem, thus adding a symbolic impact to the outcomes of the project.

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