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One of them was undoubtedly the grey stallion Aktion who was an unforgettable appearance on the international scene for over a decade and the uncrowned king of the kur in a record number of World Cup finals. He made his Hungarian rider famous and was the torch-bearer for Hungarian dressage.

Hungary has a long tradition of breeding quality horses like the Gidran, the Kisberian, the Nonius and the Furioso North Kislemez donaueschingen. But the country surprisingly had rather more success in international driving than other equestrian discipline before Gyula Dallos kislemez donaueschingen a diamond in the rough in Switzerland. Dallos is a kislemez donaueschingen dressage rider and trainer and had already competed internationally on a horse called Bordal.

By the end of the s when the iron curtain fell he was scouting for horses for Mr. Alexander Moksel. In kislemez donaueschingen traveled to Switzerland to look for horses in the stable of Swiss Olympic rider and well known horse dealer Daniel Ramseier.

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Sired by the famous Pion an Abgar xx-son and an international show jumper out of the mare Ohnegliechen by Akteur he was bred by Berend Ridder from Harkstede, Kislemez donaueschingen. His pedigree kislemez donaueschingen ¾ Gelderland and Groninger blood, the traditional Dutch breeds, and ¼ thoroughbred. When Dallos found Aktion he was barely 7 years and hadn't been competed.

Alexander Moksel bought the promising stallion for the Hungarian to train and compete.

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It was a great chance for Dallos, but like so often also this partnership had to be earned. There were great difficulties to ride him and to communicate with him because Aktion wanted to dominate in every single situation.

The crisis took four months and caused many sleepless nights, but I always had kislemez donaueschingen that we would find each other. The assiduous calmness, love and consistency yielded its fruits — he got to like and accept me.

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As soon as he had found his master in Gyula Aktion's unique intelligence and talent, of which he was fully aware, worked in his rider's favour day by day. How kislemez donaueschingen Aktion was focused on Dallos is shown by the fact that he often spent parts of his day watching him train other horses: "He hearkened from the window of his box and could not take his eyes off me for long hours.

They finished as one of the last and following this Dallos decided just to go on with the stallion's training, but not to compete him for a while.

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Dallos acknowledge there were no difficulties in Aktion's training because he was such a unique talent. The grey's square conformation enabled him to show a kind of high collection which usually only breeds like the Lipizzan are able to. Movements like the canter pirouettes, passage and piaffe, which became Aktion's hallmark later, he learned easily or like his rider expressed it: "They were invented just for him! Thereby he uses a varying training system which includes lunging, loose jumping, cavaletti work and hacking out.

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Aktion also used to be trained on the race track regularly. This kind of training may have been one decisive factor why the heavy bodied horse with its solid conformation had one of the longest lasting and successful careers in the history of dressage. The kislemez donaueschingen the lights, the noise and the audience were, the more he loved to perform.

The step to Grand Prix, which some horses kislemez donaueschingen never able to do, occurred only a year later when Aktion was 9 years old.

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It wasn't a big one for him. His strengths were the Grand Prix movements above all else. In the spring of Gyula Dallos and Aktion began a string of success at the highest level which will be unequalled in Hungary for a long time, if there will ever be a pair of similar class one day?

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National and international judges alike accepted Aktion straight away and rated him highly from the beginning. Then came the European Championships of Donaueschingen in September, where Aktion met the best horses.

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He stood the comparison brilliantly and his rider became the first Hungarian to qualify for the individual final of an international dressage championships. The pair finished remarkably 7th in the freestyle, in which 12 horses fought for the medals.

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With his great appearance, his charm and his natural sense for showing off Aktion seemed to be the born freestyle horse. His talent and the impact he had on the crowds were obvious early on: "He was a noble athlete with a thick body, but more attractive than any ballerina.

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Aktion even came 2nd in the freestyle at the CDIO Aachen prior to the Olympics and hopes were high to give a good debut for Hungarian dressage at the Games in Barcelona. Luckily the future of the pair had been secured already at the beginning of when the famous Bábolna Agricultural Combine had purchased the grey from Moksel.

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Unfortunately the Olympic dream never realised for the exceptional horse: Like the great tennis player Ivan Lendl never won Wimbledon, Aktion was never given a chance to enter the Olympic stage. In Barcelona he was the only one who got ill with viral pneumonia. It was deeply shocking and incomprehensible for me.

In Atlanta he was eliminated at the vet check after a hock flexion test," Dallos recalled the lows of their career. In between both Olympic Games was the most successful time of a horse that profited from an extraordinary health. Aktion was never ill, never had a colic or a kislemez donaueschingen of lameness until the end.

In Aktion placed in the top 3 at kislemez donaueschingen every CDI. Still it was a bit of surprise when the kislemez donaueschingen grey won the first international medal in dressage for Hungary at the European Championships in Lipica, a show ground which had always suited Aktion very well, having won 9 times there in his career.

Life of an international dressage horse from Hungary meant a lot of traveling for Aktion year after year.


Luckily he loved it. Aktion walked in the trailer by himself and was never against it. Kislemez donaueschingen was so reliable that he could even travel without a halter," his rider recalled. The admirable stallion did not even lose faith when he faced a terrible lorry accident in while on his way to the CDI Ksiaz in Poland.

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Aktion and his companion Highlife were in the lorry when Dallos, his daughter Zsófia and their groom turned over kislemez donaueschingen the highway in the Czech Republic.

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