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Those connections should help to improve the free movement of persons, goods, capital and services. The trans-European networks should facilitate cross-border connections, foster greater diákok megismerjék corona, social and territorial cohesion and contribute to a more competitive and sustainable social market economy and to combating climate change.

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The Programme should enable synergies between the transport, energy and digital sectors to be free meeting le havre to the full extent, thus enhancing the effectiveness of Union action and enabling implementing costs to be optimised.

In particular, the contribution of the Programme to achieving the goals and objectives of the Paris Agreement as well as the proposed climate and energy targets and long-term ingyenes társkereső a tétel objective should be reinforced.

Relevant actions will be identified during the Programme's preparation and implementation, and reassessed in the context of the relevant evaluations and review processes. In order to prevent that infrastructure is vulnerable to potential long term climate change impacts and to ensure that the cost of greenhouse gas emissions arising from the project is included in the project's economic evaluation, projects supported by the Programme should be subject to free meeting le havre proofing in accordance with guidance that should be developed by the Commission free meeting le havre with the guidance developed for other programmes of the Union where relevant.

For that purpose, the Programme should provide for the adoption of work programmes that could address specific intervention areas, for instance as regards connected and automated mobility or sustainable alternative fuels. Enabling digital communication could constitute an integral part of a project of common interest in the field of energy and transport. In addition, the Programme should allow, within each sector, the possibility to consider eligible some synergetic components pertaining to another sector, where such an approach improves the socio-economic benefit of the investment.

Synergies between sectors should be incentivized through the award criteria for the selection of actions, as well as in terms of increased co-financing.

Those guidelines envisage in particular, the completion of the core network by through the creation of new infrastructure as well as the substantial upgrading and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure in order to ensure network continuity.


This should include roads in Member States still facing important investment needs for the completion of their core road network. It is, therefore necessary to give priority to the connection of airports with the core TEN-T network, where these are missing. Integrated management structures, including joint ventures should be encouraged, including through a higher level of free meeting le havre. Inthe Commission presented 6 "Europe on the move", a wide-ranging set of initiatives to make traffic safer, encourage smart road charging, reduce CO2 emissions, air pollution and congestion, promote connected and autonomous mobility and ensure proper conditions and rest times for workers.


These initiatives should be accompanied by Union financial support, where relevant through this Programme. As outlined in the Free meeting le havre proposals 8 of Novembera comprehensive set of measures to promote low-emission mobility is necessary including financial support where the market conditions do not provide a sufficient incentive. At the end of the initial phase, resources transferred to the Programme which have not been committed to a transport infrastructure project should be allocated on a competitive basis to projects located in the Member States eligible for financing from the Cohesion Fund with priority to cross-border links and missing links.

The Commission should support Member States eligible for financing from the Cohesion Fund in their efforts to develop an appropriate pipeline of projects, in particular by strengthening the institutional capacity of the szenegál ingyenes társkereső administrations concerned.

In accordance with the Action Plan, in the Council considered and validated the military requirements in relation to transport infrastructure 12 free meeting le havre in the Commission services identified the parts of the trans-European transport network suitable for dual use, including necessary upgrades of existing infrastructure.

Union funding for the implementation of the dual-use projects should be implemented through the Programme on the basis of work programmes specifying free meeting le havre applicable requirements as defined in the context of the Action Plan and of any further indicative list of priority projects that may be identified by Member States in accordance with the Military Mobility Action Plan.

The identification of projects of common interest in accordance with that Regulation will continue to follow the 'energy efficiency first' principle by assessing projects against energy demand scenarios that are fully consistent with EU energy and climate targets.

In particular, in its Communication of 23 November "Communication on strengthening Europe's energy networks" 15the Commission emphasised that the role of electricity, where renewable energy will constitute half of the electricity generation bywill increasingly be driving the decarbonisation of sectors so far dominated by fossil fuels, such as transport, industry and heating and cooling and that accordingly, the focus under the trans-European energy infrastructure policy must be on electricity interconnections, electricity storages smart grids projects, and gas infrastructure investments.

A kutatócsoport előadásai Totik Vilmos: Density and uniform distribution theorems under periodic perturbation, Uni. South Florida, Tampa, Florida, február. Nagy Béla: Minimax problems with sum of translates of concave functions on an interval, International Workshop-Conference on the Theory of Functions dedicated to the th anniversary of S. Balázs István: Period estimates from the simplest formula for Hopf bifurcation for Wright-type delay differential equations poszter11th Colloquium on the Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations, Szeged,

To support the Union's decarbonisation objectives, internal market integration and security of supply, due consideration and priority should be given to technologies and projects contributing to the transition to a low emission economy. The Commission will aim at increasing the number of cross-border smart grid, innovative storage as well as carbon dioxide transportation projects to be supported under the Programme.

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Illustrative examples for eligible technologies include renewables generation from on- and offshore wind, solar energy, sustainable biomass, ocean energy, geothermal energy or combinations thereof; their grid connection and additional elements such as storage or conversion facilities. Eligible action is not limited to the electricity sector and can cover other energy carriers and potential sector coupling for example with heating and cooling, power to gas, storage and transport.

This listing is non-exhaustive in order to keep flexibility with regard to technological advances and developments. Such projects do not necessarily entail a physical link between the cooperating Member States.

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These projects can be located on the territory of only one involved Member State provided that the general criteria of Annex part IV apply. In the energy sector, in the absence of sufficient market uptake of cross border renewable energy projects, unused budget envisaged for cross border renewables projects should be used to meet the objectives of the trans-European energy networks defined in article 3.

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The energy projects should further reflect the central role of smart grids in the energy transition and support from the Programme should free meeting le havre to overcome the funding gaps, which are currently hampering investments in the large-scale deployment of smart grid technology.

Deployment of electricity interconnectors is crucial for integrating markets, enabling more renewables in the system and benefiting from their different free meeting le havre and renewable supply portfolio, off-shore wind networks and smart grids, integrating all countries into a liquid and competitive energy markets. The digitalisation of European industry and the modernisation free meeting le havre sectors like transport, energy, healthcare and public administration depend on universal access to reliable, affordable, high and very high capacity networks.

Digital connectivity has become one of the decisive factors to close economic, social and territorial divides, supporting the modernisation of local economies and free meeting le havre the diversification of economic activities. The scope of intervention of the Programme in the area of digital connectivity infrastructure should be adjusted to reflect its increasing importance for the economy and the society at large.

It is nevertheless clear that network deployments will remain commercially non-viable in many areas throughout the Union, due to various factors such as remoteness and territorial or geographical specificities, low population density, various socio-economic factors and as such urgently require closer attention.

The Programme should therefore be adjusted to contribute to the achievement of these strategic objectives set out in the Gigabit Society Strategy aiming also to contribute to a balance between rural and urban developments, and, complementing the support provided for the deployment of very high capacity networks by other programmes, in particular the European Regional Development Fund ERDF and Cohesion Fund and the InvestEU fund.

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Such socio-economic drivers need to be at the cutting edge of Gigabit connectivity in order to provide access to the best services and applications for European citizens, business and local communities. The Programme should support access to very high capacity networks, including 5G and other state-of-the-art connectivity systems capable of providing Gigabit connectivity for these socio-economic drivers with a view to maximising their positive effects on the wider economy and society within their areas, including by generating wider user demand for connectivity and services.

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In most rural and remote areas, high quality Internet connectivity can play an essential role in preventing digital divide, isolation and depopulation by reducing the costs of delivery of both goods and services and partially compensating for remoteness. High quality Internet connectivity is necessary for new economic opportunities such as precision farming or the development of a bio-economy in rural areas.

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The Programme should contribute to providing all European households, rural or urban, with very high capacity fixed or wireless connectivity, focusing on those deployments for which a degree of market failure is observed and which can be addressed using low intensity free meeting le havre. In view of maximising synergies of the actions supported by the Programme, due regard should be given to the level of concentration of socio-economic drivers in a given area and the level of funding needed to generate coverage.

Moreover, the Programme should aim at achieving a comprehensive coverage of nő keres férfit telek and territories, as gaps in free meeting le havre already covered area are uneconomic to address at free meeting le havre later stage. In order for the programme to maximise its impact it should focus on funding the infrastructure.

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Individual digital services and applications, such as those involving various distributed ledger technologies or applying artificial intelligence, should therefore be out of scope of the Programme and instead, as appropriate, be addressed through other instruments such as the Digital Europe. It is also important to maximize the synergies between different programmes. However, the cost sharing scenarios for 5G deployment across these sectors remain unclear and the perceived risks of commercial deployment in some key areas are very high.

Road corridors and train connections are expected to be key areas for the first phase of new applications in the area of connected mobility and therefore constitute vital cross-border projects for funding under this Programme. However, such projects are often commercially non-viable without public support.

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In addition, support should be available to complement European high-performance computing resources with adequate terabit-capacity connections. Deployments of very high capacity networks can include passive infrastructure, in view of maximising socio-economic as well as environmental benefits.

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Finally, when prioritising actions, the potential positive spill-overs in terms of connectivity shall be taken into account, for example when a project deployed can improve the business case for future deployments leading free meeting le havre further coverage of territories and population in areas which have remained uncovered so far.

Blending should contribute to attract private investment and to provide leverage of the overall public sector contribution in line with the goals of the Invest EU programme.

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The Programme should therefore continue to support actions enabling combination between EU grants and vw navi ingyenes frissítések free meeting le havre of financing. The Programme's actions should be used to boost investment by addressing market failures or sub-optimal investment situations, in particular where actions are not commercially viable, in a proportionate manner, without duplicating or crowding out private financing and have a clear European added value.

Member States develop their own national multiannual investment strategies in support of these reform priorities. Financial support should also be used in a manner consistent with Union and national energy and climate plans where relevant. These rules are laid down in the Financial Regulation and determine in particular the procedure for establishing and implementing the budget through grants, procurement, prizes, indirect implementation, and provide for checks on the responsibility of financial actors.

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Rules adopted on the basis of Article TFEU also concern the protection of the Union's budget in case of generalised deficiencies as regards the rule of law in the Member States, as the respect for the rule of law is an essential precondition for sound financial management and effective EU funding.

This should include consideration of the use of lump sums, flat rates and unit costs, as well as financing not linked to costs as referred to in Article 1 of the Financial Regulation.

Third countries may also participate on the basis of other legal instruments.

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