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Benefits of CRC Membership Invitations to annual meetings with banks and bank merger-related activities — an exclusive opportunity to meet with bank executives to discuss their community investment strategies. A dedicated advocate that amplifies your voice, so that bankers, regulators, and elected officials pay attention to the needs of our communities.

Groundbreaking programs that strengthen and protect the economic well-being of the people your organization serves every day.

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Connection to a statewide network of peer organizations that are also serving low-income communities and communities of color. Members-only updates and analysis on banking practices, regulatory issues, and legislation that directly impact the mission and financial capacity of your organization.

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Engagement in CRC initiatives, such as sign-on letters, press events, and other advocacy efforts that hold policymakers and regulators accountable to the people they were chosen to represent and serve. If you are interested in becoming a member of CRC, please read the following pledge and fill out the form below.

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We will consider your request and submit it to our Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, we will notify you and provide information about CRC committees and dues.

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