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single source német fordítás

single source német fordítás

Lamp Single source német fordítás meghatározás szó "halogen": 1. Any of five single source német fordítás elements; fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine; with similar chemical properties.

They occur in the second rightmost column of the periodic table as usually arranged. All are highly reactive oxidizing agents with valence 1 for fluorine, the only valence. They combine readily with most metals and nonmetals to form a variety of compounds and never occur uncombined in nature. A radioactive element, astatine occurs naturally in minute amounts as an intermediate decay product; it has no stable nonradioactive isotopes.

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Halogen salts formed with metal atoms halides are very stable; sodium chloride is the most familiar. The halogen lamp takes its name from the halogens included in the gas within its tungsten-filament bulb, added to prolong filament life and increase brightness.

Most of the halogens are found in relatively small amounts in the Earth's crust. The single exception is astatine, which does not occur naturally because it consists exclusively of short-lived radioactive isotopes.

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The only practical source of this element is its synthesis by nuclear reactions. The halogens, particularly fluorine, are highly reactive, so that they never occur uncombined in nature.

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They readily react with most metals and many nonmetals to form a variety of compounds. The members of the halogen family closely resemble each other in general chemical behaviour and in the properties of their compounds.

Characteristically, each halogen atom carries seven electrons in its outermost orbitals, which are of two different types. Potentially, the halogen atoms can hold one additional electron; in acquiring such an electron the atom acts as an oxidizing agent and in the process assumes an electrical charge and becomes an ion.

Halogen elements exist in their salts as halide ions, which are very stable.

single source német fordítás

UK If an electric cooker has a halogen hob its top surface is heated by tubes containing halogens. Halogen hobs heat up and cool down much more quickly than normal electric hobs.

single source német fordítás

A halogen lamp gives a very bright light. A type of incandescent lamp that lasts much longer and is more efficient than the common incandescent lamp. The lamp uses a halogen gas, usually iodine or bromine, ismerkedés ingyen ausztria causes the evaporating tungsten to be redeposited on the filament, thus prolonging its life. A type of incandescent lamp with higher energy-efficiency that standard ones.

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One of the chemical elements chlorine, bromine, or iodine. An element of group VIIA a. Group The name means "salt former" halogens react with metals to form binary ionic compounds. Kérjük, értékelje a meghatározását "halogen" Azt találtuk, hogy a következő német szavak és a fordítások, az "halogen": angol.

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