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Katona József Színház — Kamra, Budapest, Hungary, Author: Bertolt Brecht Directed by Árpád Schilling about the production The production full of actors' expressivity, physical immediacy in the contact with the spectators, as well as physiological nature of the represented relationships or rather antirelationships.

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What predominates is youthfulness, boisterous energy, unbridleness, and a special kind of lyricism. The latter is due to the musical side of the performance. The poetic merges with the mysterious and the arcane, the elemental wantonness merges with exaggeration.

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The production plays with the evil in us. The creators draw upon naturalistic detail, the principle of playfulness, and open depiction of sexual ravenousness and cruelty. Expressivity and full involvement of the actors affect the viewer as a natural element.

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Schilling's forte is his ability of meeting avignon nő scenic composing, which he brings from the very environment of alternative theatre. The main driving force of meeting avignon nő performance is the figure of Baal impersonated by Viktor Bodó.

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His gigantic inner charisma couples with his physical adroitness, multifaceted acting ability and technical bravado. He gives shape to an aggressive and amorphous monster, obsessed by sexuality, which devastates its surroundings and at the same time gets eroded by the innermost doubt about the meaning of life.

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Baal was Társkereső iroda st petersburg school performance, today it forms part of the official repertoire of the famous Katona József Színház in Budapest and it has made a successful appearance at the meeting of the European Theatres Union in Strasbourg and at the Avignon Festival. He has the following productions to his credit: Käzellenség by lstván Tasnády, based on the novel Michael Kohlaas by H.

Materials available Video of the production: no Scripts of the production: HU If you are interested in these materials, write to archivy nitrafest.

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