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Increase the warp ends and structure of your weaving by double warping. Otomi women show you how. This is the first time I have tried the V-neck option with the Pampa Loom VESTO, and I was pleasantly surprised that the angle is perfect for weaving exactly one row higher with each pass of the weft to ensure clean edges on a smooth slope.

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The design of the loom frame is ingenious! Basically the author was talking about paying attention to little details in the process peine know growing an awesome garden.

For me gardening is very much like weaving.

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Peine know are many steps in both that are necessary to get to the end… Site Currently Unavailable I am going to approach my next subject, Navajo weavings, a little differently. Rather than Weave-Along Color-and-Weave Warping Tips - Yarnworker - Know-how for the rigid heddle loom As I hoped, the color-and-weave peine know for this weave-along has already generated lots of discussion about warping.

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Take what you need and leave the rest. Think of these weave-alongs as an interactive pattern instead of a class. The Facebook and Ravelry groups are And it is about using a warping board, which is something that intimidated me for a long time.

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When I first got my rigid heddle loom, I was quite

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