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The delegation cultivates both bilateral relations with parliamentarians from the countries, as well as with the Central American Parliament Parlacen.

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Since the Central American Parliament held its inaugural session inthe assembly has evolved to become the DCAM delegation's leading partner.

She is supported by two vice-chairs: Javier Nart and Gens Gieseke. The delegation counts 15 full members and an equal free ülések 29 of substitute members.

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The chair and the vice-chair are elected by the other members of the delegation. All the members are drawn from the European Parliament's political groups, with the political makeup of the delegation mirroring that of Parliament as a whole.

Meetings and interests The delegation holds regular meetings Free ülések 29 Brussels and Strasbourg to discuss major political, social or economic events in the countries it covers, as well as relevant bilateral issues.

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This agreement was signed on 29 Juneand its trade pillar has been provisionally applied since A future joint parliamentary committee The delegation is currently working with Parlacen and the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica on setting up a joint parliamentary committee JPCas stipulated in Article 9 of the Association Agreement.

The committee will comprise two delegations with an equal number of members from the European Parliament and from Parlacen and the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica.

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They also regularly receive visits from members of the region's national parliaments and from members of the Central American Parliament. When the EU is invited by governments of the countries covered to observe local elections, DCAM members have participated in the European election observation teams.

An Association Parliamentary Committee is hereby established.


It shall determine the frequency of its meetings and shall be chaired by one of the two sides alternately. The Association Parliamentary Committee shall establish its rules of procedure.

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The Association Parliamentary Committee may request of the Association Council relevant information regarding the implementation of this Agreement. The Association Council shall supply the Committee with the requested information.

Chinese and Hong Kong authorities must stop arresting, harassing and intimidating journalists Saudi Arabia must stop executing child offenders Iran must halt the imminent execution of Swedish-Iranian academic Ahmadreza Djalali On Thursday, the European Parliament adopted three resolutions on the human rights situation in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Hong Kong, notably the case of Apple Daily Parliament condemns in the strongest terms the recent forced closure of the Apple Daily newspaper in Hong Kong, the continued freezing of its assets and the arrests of its journalists. This is yet another step by Chinese authorities to dismantle free society in Hong Kong and abolish media freedom and freedom of free ülések 29 there, MEPs say. The resolution also calls on the Hong Kong authorities to stop harassing and intimidating journalists, release arbitrarily detained prisoners, and denounces any attempts to muzzle pro-democracy activists and their activities.

The Association Parliamentary Committee shall be informed of the decisions and recommendations of the Association Council.

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