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A szinkrotronsugárzás újszerű kémiai alkalmazásai: nagyfelbontású röntgenspektroszkópia A kémia újabb eredményei Angelov, S. Georgiev, B Amov, E. Goranova, V.

Table tennis world championship The 6th table tennis world championship took place from January 25th to 30th, in Prague Czechoslovakia in the hall of the national home in Smíchov. Overview The tournament suffered from the cramped space: You could only set up five tables and the spectator area was considerably too small. Romania and Sweden were absent due to economic lauterbach single, but France took part in the World Cup for the first time. The Hungarians dominated the scene again.

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Except for the men's teams, they won all titles. In the team fights there was a tie after the regular everyone-against-everyone group games, which is why Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Austria had to play the title in a deciding round.

The defeat of Hungary's men's team in the second round against Czechoslovakia was sensational. Czechoslovakia also won against Hungary in the final.

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For the first time, the world champion was not Hungary - host Lauterbach single won the title. Germany reached the 5th place. A better ranking was only achieved 30 years later.

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In the men's singles, Victor Lauterbach single took back the title. In a high-class and competitive final, he defeated the defending champion, although he was already behind in the fifth set. There was also a changing of the guard lauterbach single the women's singles: Mária Mednyánszky was not world champion for the first time - after five titles in a row.

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She was defeated in the final by Anna Sipos Hungarywho was second and third several times at the previous World Championships. One reason for this could be that she played with a penholder racket pose until After switching to the "normal" shakehand position, it got stronger.

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