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Partner with Wish Local to grow your business! Sign up at www.

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Consumers please download Wish app. Only use this app if you have already been approved as Wish Local partner with a physical retail location. Many of our customers enjoy picking up their packages in person.

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Joining Wish Local is a great way to bring new, relevant consumers into your store! Boost your foot traffic Serve as a pickup location for Wish orders and get new customers in your door. Customers often end up buying additional items from your store, so you can earn extra income.

Információ a névjegykártya keresése a Skype vállalati verzió Információ a névjegykártya keresése a Skype vállalati verzió Skype Vállalati verzió Skype Vállalati online verzió Skype Vállalati alapverzió 21Vianet által üzemeltetett Skype Vállalati online verzió Tovább Vissza Fontos: Ez a cikk gépi fordítással lett lefordítva, lásd a jognyilatkozatot. A cikk angol változatát itt találhatja meg.

Participating stores also receive a small stipend for each nyissa meg a partner they complete. Luis, who runs Expo Home Decor in Miami, has already seen success with the program.

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On top of their Wish Pickup order, they ended up buying 6 items including the scent sachets we use in our store, essential oils for the Wish diffusers, and some items that were near checkout!

Gain new customers near your area.

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Partner with the 1 Shopping App for free Joining is free and quick! Simply sign up at wish. Stay tuned for new programs from Wish Local. Want to learn more or sign up?

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Visit wish. See for yourself how the program works on our Youtube channel: Wish Local.

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