Meet mary frigyes

The Artist Who Forewarned the Dangers of the Nazis

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It was the first street of Balatonföldvár in the late 19th century the aristocracy built their first mansions, for example the Széchényi family had seven villa here. The street won the title "Somogyország Kincse - Treasure of Somogy" in The town hall meet mary frigyes be found at the begining of the street, which was used to be the mansion of Jenő Rákosi and for years were the meeting point for poets and writers.

The so-called Székely gate next to the town hall was given to Balatonföldvár by its twin town, Zetelaka in Under number 9, we find the former residence of Zsigmond Széchényi, called the "Kulipintyó". He was a famous writer and Africa hunter who meet mary frigyes also a member of Széchenyi Meet mary frigyes, the "greatest Hungarian's" family.

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Under number 11, we find the residence of Gizi Bajor, an outstanding actress and eternal member of the National Theater, who used to spend her days of rest here year after year. Under number 13, stands one of the most special buildings of the town, the Neo-Roman style palace of Professor Frigyes Korányi, built in The mansion opposite, under no 14 belonged to the Démusz family.

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All of these mansions have memorial plat outside. Outside is the statue of Saint Anthony.

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