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facebook singlebörse free

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The project was launched at Transmediale, the annual festival for art and digital culture in Berlin, on February 2nd, in the form of installation displaying a selection of 1, pictures of unaware Facebook users, an explanatory video and a diagram detailing the whole process. Even more importantly, it boosted our inherent fear of not being able to control what we do through our connected screens.

We can properly define it as a performance since it happened in a short time span, involved the audience in a trasformation, and evolved into a thrilling story.

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The frenzied pace of these digital events facebook singlebörse free almost bearable. Starting on February 4th the news went spontaneously viral: thousands of tweets and retweets pointed to the Lovely-Faces.

In a few days Lovely-faces.

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Reactions varied from asking to be removed which we diligently did to asking to be included, from anonymous death threats to proposals of commercial partnerships. But they are not ok with that. They want Lovely-Faces.

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And they even want the same for Face-to-Facebook. So basically their current aim is to completely remove the web presence of this artistic project and social experiment. They missed out on Face-to-Facebook also being meant as a homage to FaceMash, the system Mark Zuckerberg established by scraping the names and photos of fellow classmates off school servers, which was the very first Facebook.

Finally, and paradoxically enough, Facebook has blocked us from accessing our Facebook profiles, but all the data we posted in the last years is still there. This proves once more that they care much more about the data you post than your online identity. And even facebook singlebörse free we are forced to go offline, Lovely-Faces.

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