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singles hilpoltstein

The operator can strap without bending down, which relieves back strain. Due to its full mobility, this machine has enabled us to optimise our shipping department.

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In addition, large pallets can now be strapped by a single operator instead of two. After the training by our contact Mr. Stephen Pickering, our team could work far more efficiently with the machine now doing all the manual strapping tasks.

Kedves Rich, Tehtube és többiek rajongók! A új tulajdonossal úgyszólván napi szinten kapcsolatban vagyok, mert van egy csomó dolog a vétel körül, amelyek intézésénél szerénységem, mint tolmács szerepel. Ha valakinek bármely kérdése lenne az új tulajdonost illetően, akkor itt a fórumon megteheti.

The singles hilpoltstein is not only faster, but is also easier and with less physical demands placed on the operators. In addition, we are strapping more pallets in less time which supports operational efficiency.

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We are extremely satisfied with the equipment. We singles hilpoltstein not want to miss the ease of work through the improved ergonomics.

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We would like to thank Mr. Walter Horn Ruiz for singles hilpoltstein good cooperation and can highly recommend ErgoPack. Theo van der Zweep Logistics and Purchasing Specialist www. Walter Horn Ruiz, the employees were able to work quickly with the machine. The employees are still enthusiastic, the work is not only faster, but is also easier and with less burden for them.

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Therefore, none of the employees would want to miss the system any more. We are absolutely convinced of the reliability and robustness and can therefore recommend it without restriction!

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