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Certain parts of this program are not currently available Unfortunately, this program is not available in your country. As put by pianist Sergei Maltsev, "It seems that one can touch him, but in reality, one can't.

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His meteoric arrival on the worldwide stage came in at the 3rd International Tchaikovsky Competition, when, as the competition's Press Bulletin put it, "something like a miracle happened": the year-old pianist captured First Prize, vanquishing his older and more-established competitors and inducing the jury to vote against its biases, as well as those of the audience.

Although his career put him in the limelight since adolescence, Sokolov's individual identity remains online dating ndjamena by the intensely private artist, who refuses most interviews or recordings and distrusts what others say about him.

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All the more reason to celebrate filmmaker Nadezhda Zhdanova's recent documentary, which features incredibly rare interviews with the great man himself, and takes a detailed look at his life story and career. From rehearsal online dating ndjamena concert footage to little-known facts about his past, meet Sokolov on his own terms.

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