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Figyelj, nem mehetek, meetingem van.

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Listen, I can't go, I have a meeting with - OpenSubtitles EurLex-2 Did I miss a meet translation EurLex-2 Az éves meet translation meetingen bemutatott adatok biztatóak voltak. The figures presented at the annual meeting were certainly positive.

meet translation

EurLex-2 Menj arra a meetingre és Go to that meeting and You're seeing Cressida Wade's parents atyour HODs meeting is at break, then you've got the architects in again at 11 o'clock. EurLex-2 Yeah, strategy meeting, I think.

meet translation

For today's fan meeting, we'll specially have fans decide on the songs that we'll perform. Just tell her I have a meeting. At the beginning of the meeting, if you would have stuck to the plan.

meet translation

EurLex-2 Elmentem a meetingjére, de ott sem volt. I went to her usual meeting, but she didn't show up. Eurlexq4 Este fan meeting lesz a csillagokkal.

meet translation

Tonight, it a fan meeting with the stars. And in fact, some of the biggest companies in the world, companies that you've heard of but I won't name, have asked for my permission to use this video in their new-hire training to teach their new employees how not to run a meeting at their company.

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